Vv’s hundred word chalange -sleek

She is slender, silky, and sleek, soft, adorable, yet fierce, with fine-tuned reflexes, and perfect balance. She is silly, and warm, lovable and intolerable. She is eloquent, magnificent, and powerful. She is a huntress in the night, but lazy as the sun rises. She is willowy, and flexible. she will always land on her feet. Her worst enemy is her best friend. If you call her name she will meander the other way, but ignore her and she will be persistent in her pursuit for your attention.

She is a common house cat, yet there is nothing common about her.

Category: Randomosity
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6 Responses
  1. Teresa says:

    I love it! It’s so very descriptive, and the last line is a surprise.

  2. nana says:

    wahoot! You entered. :)

    Well done, Peppermist, well done. I love your descriptions of kitty – Anna, maybe?

  3. clew says:

    Hello! Having known many cats in my life, I so loved this piece. :). I’m visiting fom the 100 words hop list -enjoyed my visit :)

  4. Love this very much. So true! So familiar to a cat person.

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