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Vv’s 100 words: Act

Remember when you were younger and a trip to the grocery store was the greatest adventure? When a dash to the store to get bread made your day? When the store was so confusingly big that it was a foreign world? I do. The short car rides, my little sister sitting squashed in the middle seat between my brother and me, proudly shouting “Snowy mountain!” when it came into view. But, most vividly, I remember my mother bending down to my level, struggling not to smile as she re-stated the rules.
“Be good. At least act like a well-behaved child.”

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in a writing mood today. but? nothing to write. so this is a little something i wrote today that I no idea what to do with so i thought that maybe my readers might like to read…

I held my stance steady, my muscles tensed, waiting. I inhaled deeply through my nose and let it go slowly through my mouth. As the last of the breath left my lips I released. There was a soft whistle as the arrow cut through the cold, dry air, and then… thwap.

A smile played across my lips. Bull’s-eye. I lowered my ratty, second hand bow and reached over my shoulder to grab another arrow from the holder suspended on my back. My fingers grasped at the soft feathers on the end of the arrow and I pulled it in front of me. I inspected it visually before hooking the notch to the string of my bow and taking my stance. I slid my fingers around the fraying string and pulled it back slowly until my hand rested on my cheek. I gathered my concentration and focused on the stress I could feel deep within me. I took another deep breath and with a twitch of my fingers the arrow went flying. When I freed the arrow, I let the stress go with it. thwap. Bull’s-eye.

tell me what you think….

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Vv’s 100 word challange: Anchovies

As I sat on the couch watching some t.v. show about fishermen, I couldn’t help but let my brain wander as I started to drift of to sleep.

If they have fishermen that just fish for crabs, and fisher man that just fish for halibut or tuna, did they have specific fishermen for other fish? Like anchovies. Who fishes for those stinky little fish?

My thoughts slowed down as I started to give in to the dreams, but I tried to hold on to the thought.
Little stinky anchovies and their appointed fishermen swam through my dreams all night long.

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Vv’s 100 word challenge; Unbidden

I sit at my computer, staring at the blank screen. The cursor blinks at me impatiently. The infamous writers block returns, unbidden as always. Once again God pulls his cruel trick. Just when I work up the courage to face the dream-destroying blank page with only words to help me fight, I draw a blank. Honestly I prefer drawing blanks to the rare times when I do have ideas, in witch case I get a hopeful start before the block inevitably finds me. Its better not to get my hopes up, because the higher they are, the harder they fall.

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